Vantage WA: Unmatched Service and Support

For John Battaglia, investing in Precision Agriculture was a way to achieve his short term goals, while setting himself up to build on his productivity in the longer term.
Mr Battaglia is a mixed cropping farmer, growing wheat, barley, canola and lupins across his country based in Kalannie.
Back in 2016, Mr Battaglia had a Trimble FMX1000 installed into his tractor, which was supported by Perth Trimble Dealership, Vantage WA.
Since then, Vantage WA has assisted Mr Battaglia in upgrading to two Trimble TMX 2050s, which have been installed into his mixed-fleet of machinery.
Mr Battaglia said the reason he started working with Vantage WA, was for the in-depth backup and support that came with the technology.
“The Trimble products will continue to be supported for years to come, compared to other after-market guidance systems that come with less support and eventually become outdated,” he said
Mr Battaglia said having a dealership with such strong ties to Trimble Agriculture has been a vast improvement, as he now has the assurance that his system will always be supported. This has reassured him of the continued benefits of investing in Precision Agriculture technology.
While the Vantage dealership isn’t in close proximity to Mr Battaglia’s farm, he said the service he receives from the dealership is second to none.
“The systems come with constant access to service and support,” he said.
“If I’m having a problem, they’re readily accessible for phone support, or they’ll travel out to my farm if it’s not an easy fix.”
Mr Battaglia said with Vantage, you’re dealing with professional servicemen who call you back in a timely manner, which has been essential for him.
“I get personalised interaction and back up service,” he said.
They’re a long way ahead of a lot of dealers in the precision ag sector.”

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