Extended Warranties

Protecting Your Investment to Stay Productive

Whether you have 1000 acres to plow or two tractors on the ground, you can’t afford to have downtime during the critical planting or harvesting season. Equipment protection plans provide additional protection that shields you from risk and stress. Protection plans are a valuable asset management tool because they help fix your costs for covered, qualified repairs over a period of time. A Trimble Protected Plus+ plan is that and more.


     • Get back up and running quickly during critical planting or harvesting times; you don’t have time to stop what you are doing and “fix” what has broken
     • A plan adds to the resale value if you should ever decide to sell your equipment; plans come with transferable ownership (plan follows serial number)
     • Greater Product Confidence Prevents unexpected and un-budgeted repair costs
     • Prorated plans that update all your equipment on an annual co-terminus expiration date which lets you make one payment instead of many
     • Plan price is on average lower than the non-plan single incidence repair cost of $468 go the extra miles in the field
     • Plans are backed by Trimble; we will be here for the long run
     • The extra “perks” offered by your Distributor in addition to a Plus+ Protection Plan makes the plan more than pay for itself; ask your Distributor about training opportunities, priority service, and other services to help you


A Trimble Protected Plus+ plan protects against standard wear and tear, environmental damage and surge protection. A Plus+ plan helps you avoid those unexpected and un-budgeted repair costs which could shut your operations down.

This Hardware-only and select system coverage plan provides many features including no additional charges for eligible warranty repairs,  protection against standard wear and tear, environmental damage, and surge protection. It comes with a transferable ownership (plan follows serial number) which will make your equipment more valuable if you ever decide to sell it.


NEW – Reinstatement pricing: New reinstatement pricing is available, so you no longer have to be under warranty or protection plan coverage to buy.

NEW – Added products: Additional products that are eligible for a Trimble Protected Plus+ plan, have been added.


All products are available for Rapid Replace plans; some products can’t be repaired in the field due to the type of product technology. A Plus+ Plan with Rapid Replace allows your Distributor to swap out the damaged equipment with a replacement; with no forms for you to fill out. Rapid Replace is available during the Factory Warranty! The replacement product comes with the remainder period of the original protection plan. It is a simple and an easy way to get back up and running quickly.


     • Coverage is purchased in one year increments, consecutive terms may be applied up to a maximum of five (5) years from original equipment purchase date
     • Equipment must be under current Factory, Advanced, or Extended Warranty coverage to qualify – once expired, extensions may not be purchased
     • Wear and Tear includes damage from repetitive use resulting in equipment that does not function to specification
     • Environmental damage includes dust, heat, humidity, and salt air when used in accordance with intended equipment specifications
     • Surge protection includes damage due to a surge in Trimble manufactured power supplies
     • Cosmetic damage that does not affect product functionality is not covered
     • Damage from accidents, collision, lightning, power surge, rodents, rocks, branches, or abuse not included