Agricultural Landform Design

Vantage WA provide a complete portfolio of agricultural Landform Design services using several different Design software packages to deliver the optimum levelling solution for each specific project. Our very experienced designers collaborate with the farmer, the contractor and the farmers trusted advisors to deliver a final design that satisfies all relevant design criteria. Some designs are suitable for both Laser based levelling technology and GPS based solutions, while other designs require 3D Capable GPS solutions like Trimble’s Field Level II or Trimble’s AG GCS900 system.

Landform Design Software Products:

     • Trimble WM Form
     • Trimble Surface
     • Trimble Multiplane
     • Opti-Surface
     • Trimble Business Centre
     • Terramodel

Land Levelling Design Techniques:

     • Furrow Irrigation – Planar
     • Furrow Irrigation – Infinitely Variable Grade (IVG)
     • Centre Pivot Surface Drainage (IVG)
     • Broad Acre Surface Drainage (IVG)
     • Graded Contour Banks
     • Border Check Irrigation (IVG)
     • Bank-less Channel Irrigation

The utilisation of IVG technology in the design process very significantly reduces the volume of earthworks and the depth of cut, saving valuable top soil and time and money. Broad Acre Dryland farmers operating on marginal country or dealing with melon holes or gilgais can achieve very large productivity gains at very modest costs.

Vantage WA can also provide Designs for Channels, Drains, Roads, Laneways, Module Pads, Reticulation Plans and Total Farm Plans. Contact us for all your Landform Design Needs.

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