SIS – Soil Analysis

Types of Maps
SIS offers precise 3D soil models for dozens of soil physical and chemical characteristics including:
      Root zone depth
      Soil texture (clay, sand, coarse fragment content)
      Moisture holding capacity
      Compaction characteristics
      Macro and micro-nutrient levels
      Salt and toxicity concentrations

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Key Features
      Assess detailed soil properties for each field such as soil texture, compaction, root zone depth, moisture retention and availability, and soil fertility
      View soil analysis for the top 48 inches (122 cm) of the field’s surface in 3D
      Download soil maps into your farm management software application, including Farm Works Software® solutions or other third-party systems
      Create variable rate application maps from the soil information to help maximise plant growth

      Make better farm management decisions with irrigation, drainage, fertility and amendment applications
      Understand soil variability to target precise sampling locations, sometimes reducing the number of samples required – thus saving time and money
      Reduce nutrient runoff by understanding how they move through the soil

SIS bsp_na_SUR Map


SIS Map Legend