The Trimble® WM-Topo™ survey system is a topographic data collection device that can be taken into hard-to-reach areas such as ditches, steep terrain, muddy fields, or fields with manure crop cover. Survey data can be used to create surface models-to help you make well-informed water management decisions.
Benefits include:

Highly Portable
The WM-Topo system can be taken into areas that are inaccessible to tractor or truck-mounted survey equipment due to poor field conditions or mature crops-allowing you to easily collect survey data by hand.

Fast Payback
The WM-Topo system pays for itself by enabling users to gather topographic survey data year round and in a variety of environments.

Wireless Data Transfer
Topographic data collected with the WM-Topo system can be transferred to Farm Works Surface via USB stick or wirelessly using Office Sync to create a 3D model of the field.

Integrates with Drainage and Leveling Operations
Surface models created from the collected topographic data can be used to install drain pipes with the WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution or to create a leveling design for use with the FieldLevel II™ system.


     • Internal radio available with either 900 MHz or 450 MHz frequency options
     • Ultra-rugged housing built to withstand harsh conditions
     • 440 channel GPS and GLONASS receiver
     • GNSS receiver, antenna, battery, and radio in one unit
     • Bluetooth® connections enable wireless communication between GNSS receiver and Yuma® 2 or Nomad® handheld computers
     • USB host connection for memory stick.

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