For years farmers have been improving their crop yields by using laser systems to level their fields for uniform drainage and runoff. The consistent water flow over the crops improves crop yields and ground consistency, which improves profits. AgGPS® MultiPlane® software is a tool used to help design drainage slopes for crop fields that can be graded with minimal dirt movement. MultiPlane software is designed to work with the Trimble GeoStar® land forming system or a Trimble AgGPS Field Information System* with an AgGPS 214 RTK high accuracy GPS receiver. MultiPlane software reads field topographic surveys collected with an AgGPS Field Information System and AgGPS 214 receiver or GeoStar system and builds an existing surface model from the survey. Use MultiPlane software to help you design how you want to level the field. Look at 3-D views of your field. Then use the slope information to set your laser for grading, or export the cut and fill design to a control file that the GeoStar system uses to automatically grade the field. Fields can be designed to be one uniformly sloped field or divided into multiple sections that can be individually designed. Ag GPS MultiPlane software allows the user to design the field, and when used with AgGPS AGIS, allows comparison of alternative designs based on investment versus expected return on investment. AgGPS AGIS is an agricultural information system that processes all precision agriculture data, and allows the user to make informed decisions.

Key Features and Benefits
     • Easy to use and learn user interface
     • Design control for Geostar control system
     • Design from topographic files collected with an AgGPS 214 RTK receiver and AgGPS 160 or AgGPS 170 system
     • Imports industry standard ESRI’s Shapefile format
     • Efficient design layout
     • Maps, job layout and estimates

Multiplane Software

Standard Features
     • Imports Shapefile through support of our Shape-to-Multiplane converter

     • Imports industry standard files: Shape, DXF, and Generic Text files
     • Surface Builder creates topography
     • Best Fit Design
     • Single Plane Design
     • Fixed Elevation Design
     • Automatic Elevation Design
     • Support of Section Lines and Hinges
     • Direct support of Ag GPS 214 when used with Ag GPS 160 Portable
     • Computer or Ag GPS 170 Field Computer or when used with Geostar system

Associated Software
We recommend these software packages:
     • WinZip from NicoMak Software to compress data for transfers and storage
     • Ag GPS AGIS/ViewPoint for display and analysis of topographic data and yield analysis compared to design

Computer System Requirements
     • CPU: Intel Pentium III or equivalent

     • System Memory (RAM): 128MB recommended. Note that system memory requirement changes with operating system choice
     • Video Card: Capable of 16-, 24-, or 32-bit color operation
     • CD Drive: Recommended for software installations
     • CD Writer: Optional but useful

Operating System
Win 95 with Service pack #2 (Our system memory recommendation is 32 MB)
Win 98 (Microsoft’s system memory recommendation is 64 MB)
Windows NT with Service Pack #4 (Our system memory recommendation is 128 MB)
Win 2000 (Microsoft’s system memory recommendation is 256 MB)

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