O’Bryan Heavy Duty Ejector

O’Bryan HD Ejector Series

The O’Bryan HD Ejector series scraper has been developed to meet the requirements of all types of earthmoving and land forming operations.

Channel pads, levee banks, clay and sand spreading, drains and road construction.

The HD series with a greater carrying capacity, ease of loading and loading, regardless of soil types and moisture content. Cushion hitch is standard on all models.



Simplicity of Operation
Compatible with all types of machine control equipment allowing full advantage of the latest laser and GPS technology.

Adjustable Pull Height
The pull has the capability to be adjusted in height to suit all makes of tractors regardless of pull types. Also a cushion hitch is now built into the front drawbar to smooth out that rough terrain.

Rear Rippers
Increases productivity in areas where a hard surface exists. Ability to rip wider than the cutting edge for easy loading at the same time. Shear pins on all rippers.

Reversible Cutting Blades
The cutting edge is made up in three sections each with the capability of height adjustment and also fully reversible for longer life.

Carry Apron
Enables the operator to pick up a load and carry it to positions for pad or road construction, it has been enlarged for greater capacity.

Quality Finish
Heavy duty all welded construction, which is field proven by contractors and farmers. New rounded and tapered surface design to reduce material build up. The laser mast overhead can be removed to assist with stationary loading.

Strong and Reliable
Cross leveller is standard on all models. Super strong rocker assembly compliments the 15 tonne removable axles with which rotate a 25 x 17.3 pc wheel with 20.5 x 25 Hard Rock Lug Tyres.



Overall Width 4.0m 4.5m
Overall Length 9.45m 9.45m
Overall Height 1.96m 1.96m
Weight 12.5 tonne 13 tonne
Cutting Width 3.66m
Carry Capacity 14.3m3
(18.7 Cub)
(21.4 Cub)


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