Corner-Arm Control

When you have a corner arm on your pivot irrigation system, you are able to extend your irrigable land and maximise your yield. But when your corner arm doesn’t apply a uniform application, you end up with areas that are either over or under-watered, resulting in an undesirable use of water and potential damage to your crop.

Trimble® Irrigate-IQ™ uniform corner ensures you achieve a consistent application on areas covered by the corner arm, so you can be sure your water resources are being used in the best way possible to improve crop quality and yields.


      Achieve a uniform application in areas covered by the corner arm
     • Optimise water use by avoiding over- or under-watering
     • Minimise the risk of a reduced flow rate through accurate nozzle control
     • Reduce run off an leaching
     • Improve crop quality and yield

An irrigation machine on a potato field in Australia.


Consistent Application
Because of Irrigate-IQ uniform corner’s advanced algorithms and control, you can achieve a consistent application of water no matter the position of the corner arm. Whether the corner arm is starting to extend, fully extended, or folding back, Irrigate-IQ uniform corner minimises the risk of overlaps or gaps in application.

Individual Nozzle Control
Irrigate-IQ uniform corner controls each individual nozzle based on the desired application depth and the position of the corner arm. This way, the nozzles provide the highest level of accuracy to achieve maximum uniformity across the entire area covered by the corner arm.

Reliable Valves
Industry-leading, 3-way vent to atmosphere valves ensure the system performs reliably all season. The rugged, fully-sealed housing prevents clogging and blockage, even when pumping unwanted debris. Plus, the valves default to the open position, so water will always flow, even during unexpected system events.

Flexible Options
Irrigate-IQ uniform corner has flexible options depending on your needs. Set your field depth and let your corner arm run, or add a monitor and control system so you can remotely manage your whole pivot.


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