Trimble Ag Software

Trimble Ag Software
Everything you need in one place, with full farming app support for both Apple iOS and Android devices. With specific features geared toward farmers, ag retailers, food processors and crop advisors, Trimble Ag Software provides a complete agriculture technology solution that fits in the palm of your hand.

Farm software just got a whole lot easier.



What Trimble Ag Software does for you

By combining three cutting-edge ag software platforms — Connected Farm™, Farm Works Software® and Agri-Data® Solutions — into one powerful end-to-end ag solution, Trimble Ag Software drives productivity, profitability and sustainability. It’s a revolution in online and mobile-enabled farm data management that is transforming the way ag professionals work.

Choose a Partner You Can Trust For Years to Come
And by partnering with Trimble, you’ll have the support and ongoing commitment of one of the top leaders in global agriculture today, while maintaining your independence. Trimble technology works even when you change genetics, crop protection suppliers or equipment colors.

Mobile-Friendly Ag Software from Trimble

Successful farmers track every detail of their operations. With lower commodity prices putting pressure on profits, and the move to precision ag adding new complexities, mobile-friendly farm management software is a requirement for farming today.

Most farm software tools require users to spend hours in front of a computer — something farmers simply don’t have time for. Trimble Ag Software is different. Mobile-enabled for your busy lifestyle, we put the power of Trimble in the palm of your hand.

Crop Planning
Set out your plans by field (and by zone) to set yourself up for success in the coming year. From input purchase lists to budgets to fertility, our planning tools will help you strategise for the best possible crop season. Some of these include:
     • Fertility planning
     • Crop planning
     • Budgeting
     • Precision prescriptions
Field Record Keeping
Manage all field records easily from any mobile device or your desktop computer. Create easy-to-print field task reports — a trademark of our software since 1992 — to stay organised. Most field activities are automatically generated from your precision farming data or our mobile app. Some of the key reports that you’ll find include:
     • Seed varieties
     • Tank mixes
     • Restricted-use pesticides
     • Fertiliser usage
     • Harvest data
     • Grain storage tracking
Precision Ag Mapping & Tools
We understand that farmers today have many different precision farming maps coming at them from all directions. Farmers can import yield, soil type, soil test results and other key data layers to assist in creating simple variable rate prescription maps for seed, crop protection or fertiliser applications. Precision farming maps can also flow into your field record keeping for a complete farm management software solution. Additional precision ag tools include:
     • NDVI
     • Variable rate prescriptions
     • Irrigation tracking
     • Imagery support

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