Weed Seeker

The Trimble® WeedSeeker® spot spray system is an effective solution to help you efficiently control weeds. The WeedSeeker system senses if a weed is present and signals a spray nozzle to deliver a precise amount of chemical—spraying only the weed and not the bare ground. It is most effective in areas where weeds occur intermittently.

     • Save on overall weed control costs
     • Reduce chemical usage by applying precisely and in low amounts
     • Reduce the environmental impact of your field activities
     • Cut down on time and labour
     • Operate day or night at speeds up to 10 mph.

*Higher speeds are achievable by remotely mounting the spray solenoid

Use WeedSeeker to automatically spot spray your orchard, vineyard, fallow field, or row crop. Control weeds in chem-fallow operations, pre-plant weed spraying, as well as post-harvest weed control.


     • Uses advanced optics to sense if a weed is present
     • Applies chemicals directly on the weed
     • Utilises standard pumps, tanks, and plumbing so an existing spray boom can be retrofitted


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