Farm Works View

FARMWORKS_Authorized-Dealer_VECTOR--LOGO_black_RGBFarm Works™ View is a free desktop software that allows you to easily view your precision farming data.  View supports all types of data from planting to harvest, providing powerful maps and reports that help you make better farm management decisions.

Easy to Upgrade
View can easily be upgraded to Farm Works Mapping or Surface software without losing any previously entered data. When View is upgraded, new and exciting features will include:

     • Display aerial background images
     • Import and overlay other layers such as soil types and soil test results
     • Print a variety of maps and field record reports
     • Design basic and advanced prescription maps
     • Analyse profit maps to verify which parts of the fields are more profitable

     • Microsoft® Windows® XP or higher

     • 128 MB Memory
     • 50 MB Hard Drive Space

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