Farm Works Accounting

FARMWORKS_Authorized-Dealer_VECTOR--LOGO_black_RGBFarm Works™ Accounting software helps manage your farm finances while providing a complete field record keeping system.   Compare production costs for each field, livestock group, structure, and machine in order to maximise profitability. Easily integrate other modules in the future such as mapping or water management to expand your software capabilities.

NEW! Financial Measures Report
Version 2015.03 or higher offers a new reporting feature that uses the 21 standard financial measures (also known as ratios) that the Farm Financial Standards Council has outlined in their document “Financial Guidelines for Agriculture”. This report is interactive and allows you to click on any ratio to see how it is computed in order to learn how the values are calculated. Ratios can be printed for one to five years and can help you understand trends of what is and what is not working on your farm.  Watch the video.

      Microsoft® Windows® XP or higher
      128 MB Memory
     • 50 MB Hard Drive Space

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