GFX-750 Display: Precise Autosteering &Application Monitoring

The GFX-750™ Display

Put your Tractor on autopilot and let the GFX750 take the wheel. It’s quick, intuitive, easy to use and the controller sits on the roof, leaving more room in your cab. It’s made for every Farmer from the technically proficient to technologically challenged and requires little training. Produce more per acre with precision technology achieving more in a day than ever before. Manage thousands of acres on 3 to 5 acre grids, sometimes smaller.

This is precision auto steering guidance technology at its best. Control all your farming applications throughout every season with the next generation GPS aided technology of the GFX-750.

GFX-750™ Display Features

Featuring a larger touchscreen display for enhanced visibility, the GFX-750 is one of the highest-quality assisted and automated steering display systems on the market. With an abundance of features including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, built-in GPS, camera input and Precision-IQ™ compatibility, the GFX-750’s rugged design and customisable Android system will make your farming applications much simpler.

  • Roof-mounted guidance controller
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Large 10.1″ (25.6 cm) high-definition colour touch-screen display
  • Customisable Android-based operating system
  • Rugged construction
  • An integrated camera with support for an additional external camera

Bonus Vantage Product Offer – EZ-Pilot® Pro Guidance System

For higher accuracy guidance across MFWD tractors, 4WDs, and combines add The EZ-Pilot® Pro guidance system to your GFX-750 toolkit. With the EZ-Pilot Pro system vehicles can now be engaged in reverse to allow alignment for the next swath (max 15 seconds). This added feature offers a high accuracy solution from the second the implement engages with the soil.

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