Letter From Lew – November 2020

A common question our reps receive is “how does this product work specifically with my crop?” The answer is simple – Trimble products and Vantage services are designed to support … Continue reading “Letter From Lew – November 2020”


The Benefits of Auto Steering & Guidance and Field Levelling Technology

Steve Kluck operates Limit Farms who specialise in small crop farming in South-East Queensland with a team of 6-8 full-time employees and up to 30 contractors a day during harvest … Continue reading “The Benefits of Auto Steering & Guidance and Field Levelling Technology”


Letter from Lew – October 2020

Many of our customers are either gearing up for harvest or currently underway. As the culmination of cropping cycle nears, the end of harvest essentially becomes “judgment day” of one’s … Continue reading “Letter from Lew – October 2020”


Letter from Lew – September 2020

Over the past few months we have discussed various elements of our business that have been integral to our success. This month I would like to discuss a part of … Continue reading “Letter from Lew – September 2020”


Letter from Lew – August 2020

When Trimble first introduced the Vantage Dealer concept, a core tenant was to create a distribution network that required the Distributor to provide site-wide solutions that integrate Hardware, Software and … Continue reading “Letter from Lew – August 2020”


Letter from Lew – July 2020

When my late business partner, Kevin Muspratt, and I commenced business in 1980, we were focused on bringing technology to farmers and contractors to improve their productivity and efficiency. While … Continue reading “Letter from Lew – July 2020”

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