About BMS

BMS LaserSat

BMS LaserSat is a Trimble distributor for the Agricultural, Building and Construction markets, operating from eleven direct branches throughout Australia. We have seventy four employees and over thirty eight years’ experience. Fifty two of our personnel are Trimble factory trained product and technical specialists with very extensive product, industry and domain knowledge. Vantage-NEA and Vantage-WA are some of our eleven regional branches and is wholly owned by BMS LaserSat. They benefit from our internal BMS training programmes and also from our team of product champions, as well as our extensive service and support organisation. BMS are totally committed to our employee education, training and development programme. Vantage-NEA and Vantage-WA has full access to all of the BMS programmes, our extensive resources, as well as many product champions and segment specialists.


BMS LaserSat Pty Ltd has been selling and servicing laser and machine control systems since 1979. Initially based in North Queensland and operating in the agricultural market, we have represented Spectra Physics Laserplane, which later became Spectra Precision and finally Trimble, for thirty-eight years. Originally trading as BMS Lasers, we started manufacturing tractor drawn scrapers in 1983. In 1985 we expanded into the Building and Construction markets before expanding territorially to cover all of Queensland in 1995 when we added Branches in Brisbane and Townsville and changing our trading name to Spectra Precision Laserplane Queensland.

In 2000 we were appointed Trimble Australian National Distributor for Agricultural Solutions, Construction Instruments and Conventional Machine Control Systems. At this stage we became BMS Laser Sat Pty Ltd. Over the next several years we added Branches in Melbourne, Toowoomba, Moree, Darwin, Dalby, Kununurra, Tasmania and Vantage WA in Western Australia. We provide direct sales and support to the Australian market and support an extensive dealer network throughout Australia.

Founders of BMS – Lew Brandon and Kevin Muspratt